The 2015 Tri-2-Beat Cancer Triathlon (Sprint)

Wooooo!!!!! That is where I’ll start. This weekend was insanity.  I ordered a new tri kit from Coeur Sports which arrived on Thursday before the race.  Talk about cutting it close. THEN, (Major TMI Warning) the ::ahem:: lady ::ahem:: came to visit me for the first time since I had HM (7 months ago).  Seriously.  The timing.  And the severity.  And the implications.  And the timing.  AND THE TIMING. My…

August 25, 2015

A great birthday

June 15, 2013

Thursday the 13th of June was my 26th birthday, and turned out to be my best one yet.  Usually I dread my birthday, not because of getting older but because I have always had bad birthdays.  The past couple years I have had to work late, have had some major problem to deal with, or someone just ruined my day.  So, I think of my birthday as a day I…


The 66th Annual Judy Family Reunion

Today was the 66th annual Judy family reunion in Franklin, West Virginia. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive over a very scary, very curvy mountain to get there. This was my mom’s dad’s family, so we represent his side with my mom’s mom (my grandmother), my mom’s brother Jerry, my mom, dad, Tristan, and I. It’s always a good time, but also a very long day! This year was my…

July 3, 2010

Birthday, Lasik, and a Wedding!

Been a very busy couple of weeks around here and Millwood! June 13th was my 23rd birthday, and it was awesome. I got to see Nick Thune at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse (he has a show on Comedy Central) which was pretty cool! Sunday was spent kayaking on the Potomac River, then home for some champagne and cake with the parents, and then the season premier of True Blood! Couldn’t have…

June 30, 2010