Race Report: Riverbluff Olympic Triathlon – Ashland City, TN

August 6, 2017

I’m about five hours post-race at this point, and the post-race stiffness and soreness has begun! All a good sign of a legit, hard, gritty race. The Riverbluff Triathlon is located in Ashland City, Tennessee, at Riverbluff Park. The park itself is gorgeous- there is a nice playground, lots of picnic tables, and a good spot for a boat launch (this is where the open water swim starts).  It is…


The 2015 Tri-2-Beat Cancer Triathlon (Sprint)

Wooooo!!!!! That is where I’ll start. This weekend was insanity.  I ordered a new tri kit from Coeur Sports which arrived on Thursday before the race.  Talk about cutting it close. THEN, (Major TMI Warning) the ::ahem:: lady ::ahem:: came to visit me for the first time since I had HM (7 months ago).  Seriously.  The timing.  And the severity.  And the implications.  And the timing.  AND THE TIMING. My…

August 25, 2015

WOTD: August 16-22, 2015 (Taper week to sprint triathlon)

8/22/2015 – Saturday REST. HYDRATE. EAT PIZZA. Pick up packet, check out course, make last-minute bike/equipment checks. GET SOME SLEEP. 8/21/2015 – Friday Rest, HYDRATE. Make a plan for race day.  Pack your things, check your bike, charge your watch, make a schedule. Hang out with your in-laws 🙂 8/20/2015 – Thursday Rest, HYDRATE.  Run a mile if you get some free time. Go to a reception, enjoy dinner with…

August 25, 2015

WOTD: August 9-15, 2015

8/15/15 Some days you just have to “go with the flow.”  Today I had a plan of a 10 mile bike to downtown, 10 miles back, and a 10 mile loop around an airfield.  My 10 miles out started great until I ended up riding right in to a pack of triathletes in the middle of an olympic triathlon!  They were extremely nice about it, but boy was I embarrassed!…

August 12, 2015

WOTD August 2-8, 2015

8/8/15 Got AT IT today on the bike.  Long ride day with nutrition practice.  GU (chocolate peanut butter) gel to start my ride, GU (salted caramel) at mile 7.  I should’ve pushed this second GU to around mile 9, then another at 20, which is about 40 minutes (as they say on the package).  Carried my aero bottle with just water and a bottle under me with Gatorade powder (orange…

August 8, 2015

My First Triathlon Season’s End – Bittersweet

My very first triathlon season came to a bittersweet end this weekend with the finish of the Miami Man International Triathlon in Miami, Florida. As always, it was a whirlwind of a year between flat tires, injuries, weather setbacks, and training difficulties.  I can honestly say I’ve experienced the big ups and downs of it in one year. In April, I never would have imagined I would complete three sprint…

November 12, 2013

The Giant Acorn Sprint Triathlon

September 28, 2013

Another sprint triathlon in the bag! Today was the Giant Acorn Sprint Triathlon, held at Lake Anna State Park in Virginia.  It was an absolutely gorgeous venue with a lake swim out and back, a rolling hill bike, and a trail-road one loop run. Nathan had an event he was preparing for, so he opted not to race this one, which was fine with me…  I enjoyed the constant cheering…


International Distance Complete!

August 19, 2013

In my last post, I had discussed the probability of dropping from the international distance to the sprint distance at the Luray Triathlon this past weekend.  Of course, a few good friends of ours let us know they were having their housewarming on Saturday afternoon, which left us trying to decide if doing the sprint on Sunday would allow us to have any fun on Saturday night.  In the end,…


Olympic Distance Training (fit for a half marathon)

I wanted to make a log of training for my half ironman, which I will be completing (hopefully) November 10, 2013 in Miami, Florida. I started off this training by completing my second half marathon (13.1 miles) on April 28, 2013.  I really didn’t train as much as I should have but see here for that training. My first triathlon was a sprint distance on June 2, 2013 see here for…

August 17, 2013

Custis Crash

July 30, 2013

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I was recently involved in a pretty terrifying bicycle accident.  I’ve been training pretty aggressively, and I’ve put about 250 miles on my new bike since I got it in April.  Four months of riding a bicycle at 25mph speeds after having not been on a bike in approximately 10 years has its problems. A few weeks ago I…